"FLOWING FREELY" - the new jewelry collection

As a woman, as a human being, I find myself sometimes struggling with this.
With just letting things flow.
Without so much control, without self-judgement, without trying to make things happen a certain way because that's the way I think they should be, but simply ... just being and allowing the beauty of life to flow freely and unravel in front of me, with me.
This collection is about this journey that so many of us are learning to take towards ourselves. The one where we learn to let go of perfection or control , and lean more into the natural flow, the one where we allow life to show us its wonder, to show us OUR wonder and are open to seeing the beauty in ourselves. 
The collection is about softly reminding you to release the mental blocks you jail yourself into, the self-judgment, the not good enough, not perfect enough. And doing this from a gentle and loving space towards yourself and others as well.
Ask yourself: how do you treat yourself, what standards do you hold yourself up to when it comes to being “perfect”?
How often do you accept yourself with all that you are? Your “imperfect” actions, your body, your thoughts?
And after this, with curiosity and kindness, try to turn your thought on how you look at others through this filter. How does doing this impact your life, your relationship with yourself or ... your daughter, your sister, your mother?

All of this control and the need for perfection is something we learned, it is not our natural feminine way of being. 
It's something we do in order to protect ourselves, to create a feeling of safety and acceptance. A false feeling of safety and acceptance, but none the less, we try.
And the need for safety  and acceptance are two of the main needs we have as humans, even more so as women. But these are needs we can address in so many other ways, not only in a way that involves control, self judgement or perfectionism, but in ways that involve curiosity, flow, empathy, kindness and receptiveness.
I will explore more on what this means on following posts and in the meantime I would love to know your thoughts on this too.
How does your journey on this path looks like ?
Let me know in the comments bellow.
The intention of this collection is to support you on this journey towards yourself.
May this jewelry be your gentle reminder to allow yourself to flow freely.