This collection is about letting go of perfection in all of its forms and allowing the imperfections and beauty of life to flow freely.

It’s about releasing the mental blocks you jail yourself into, the self-judgment, the not good enough, not perfect enough.
And doing this from a gentle and loving space towards you and others.
In relation to different situations or people but mostly in relationship with yourself my dear beautiful woman. How do you treat yourself, what standards do you hold yourself up to when it comes to being “perfect”?
How often do you accept yourself with all that you are? Your “imperfect” body, your thoughts, your actions?

I hope you will remember that you are always absolutely amazing and perfection doesn’t play a part in it. The idea of perfection only limits your shine.

This jewelry is meant to be a gentle reminder of this and every time you wear it, play with that bracelet on your wrist or look at your piece, please remember to let go of the idea that everything you are, feel or do has to be perfect. Flow freely, allow the beauty that lies in you to express itself.

I invite you to explore the collection and yourself here.




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