And I mean beyond the cultural stereotypes and misconceptions that you may not even realize to their fullest extent. I want you to go deep within and reach your raw, naked, deepest self. From there I wish you would answer.
Through the “Feminine introspection “ collection I want to support you in connecting to and expressing that part of you. It’s an invitation to analyze how you perceive yourself as a woman and what does that really mean to you. Is the way you express it, true to the way you are?
This is an invitation to remember and express yourself, your truest feminine self, the one behind the misconceptions, fears and half lived expressions of you.The accessories I create are meant to be a token, a symbol of your inner journey, a constant reminder to always get back to yourself, to love, accept and be gentle to yourself, as well as a way to express your inner beauty and femininity.
They are created using flowing lines and soft materials that express a part of the way I feel femininity. I use fabrics like velvet and vintage veiling to softly embrace you on your journey. Vintage because our own past and our ancestors' past is part of our journey and I believe that in order to express ourselves authentically, we have to make peace and embrace our past.

 For the whole Feminine Introspection collection you can download the lookbook here.